What Is the Definition of a Matrimonial Bed

Ugochi, I love (and agree) your thoughts on the sanctity of the marital bed. However, I think it`s important not to be too legalistic about such things. Although the marital bed is sacred, the way it is respected can vary depending on the culture and individual personality. My thoughts. I will let you share your thoughts on this topic, but let me first tell you what I think of this question. I just heard that some Romance languages (e.g.B Spanish and Italian) use a word that translates directly to “matrimonial bed” and basically means a queen or king format, as far as I know. Bless yourself Deborah. Respect for marriage and the marital bed must be present for the house to succeed. I recently met a young woman who shared some of the concerns she had for her marriage. When she started talking about her matrimonial bed, she started crying and I must admit that I choked a little with this bitter ball that always comes to my throat in such cases.

I had to signal her to sit down because I thought that if she kept talking, she could burst into tears. Now that I`m writing, I think I was a little more worried, that I would embarrass myself and cry with her. (I cry too easily and it can be quite embarrassing). The sacred matrimonial bed is the bed in which a married couple sleeps on a given night. For some, it`s important that it`s the same bed all the time. For others, location is less important. In Spanish (and I guess in Italian) the matrimonial bed means a double bed. But it is also an image to refer to the sexual relationship of a couple. In a metaphorical sense, one could see in English, matrimonial bed. What do you think? Is the matrimonial bed too sacred to be shared or not? Your concern. She said her husband allowed her family members to share her marital bed and that she didn`t feel very comfortable with it. She asked if everything was okay and how she could get her husband to see reasons with her and learn to treat his bed differently.

Sister, so much can go wrong if we refuse to sanctify our rooms and marital beds. It is sad to hear how terribly ended this one you mentioned. So I think the marital bed is sacred. Here, marriage alliances are constantly renewed as couples enjoy sexual pleasures with each other. Yes, sex is an alliance bond between couples, and since the matrimonial bed is mainly where this happens, I think the bed is very sacred. I think it is not an acceptable practice to give up your matrimonial bed to someone else, it is sacred and should be treated as such. Does English have a parallel word? Has the term “matrimonial bed” ever been used in English? Finally. I believe that the love and respect we have for our marriages should be reflected in the way we treat everything about them. If you find that your spouse does not know the sanctity of your bed, you should take the time to show him the reason for his holiness and trust God for a change. Home: Wedding Circle: Is the Marital Bed Sacred? Marriage is an alliance. . For the Lord has been a witness between you and the woman of your youth, against whom you have treacherously acted; but she is your companion and the wife of your covenant.

Malachi 2:14 It amazes me to think that some people have never taken the time to understand the meaning of marriage before getting involved, marriage is not for those who think they have money to organize a wedding, nor for those who think they are old enough, to have a woman at home called a woman because of social demand. Marriage is for those who have gone through the school of spiritual maturity. Your knowledge of a thing determines the value you attach to it, if a purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. The matrimonial bed cannot even be shared with angels, so it is an abuse of the association to share it with family members. God help us. There is nothing sinful per se about giving up a bed to welcome a guest. However, before volunteering for something like this, both spouses should discuss it and make sure both feel comfortable with it. Because there`s a good chance that either of them will feel uncomfortable with it. If you don`t have another room to accommodate family members or another person during their visit, make other arrangements for them. They might visit you, but at night you might find another place to sleep. I don`t find it funny to think that someone else would sleep with you and your spouse in the same room, how much more the same bed.