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Secularisation, progress, Christianity. Commentary on a recent book edited by L. Fazzini.


Publisher: Edizioni Messaggero di Padova Pages: 80 Price: €7,50 Lorenzo Fazzini is an intelligent and competent journalist who deals with more than cultural trends alone. He has already published a few book-interviews in the area of the borderline between religion and atheism and is the main driver of the series “The Courtyard of the Gentiles” published by the Edizioni Messaggero […]

The Persecution of Catholics in China


Publisher: Sugarco Pages: 144 Price: €12,50 One of this year’s most eagerly awaited books about freedom of religion, The Persecution of Catholics in China (La persecuzione dei cattolici in Cina, Sugarco Edizioni, Milan, pgs. 144, Euro 12,50), was presented to the general public at Palazzo Valentini in Rome at an event organized by the “Laogai Research Foundation. In addition to […]

The Reasons of the Economy. Articles for the Osservatore Romano.


Publisher: Libreria Editrice Vaticana Price: €14 Ettore Gotti Tedeschi – for many years a banker, business consultant and university professor – has been president of the IOR (Istituto Opere di Religione) ever since his appointment in 2009, but he has also been an active columnist on economic topics and issues for the Osservatore Romano. The  Libreria Editrice Vaticana has now […]

“The Italian Church in the cultural passage over the last few decades” A strange letter of the Italian Church after the Council.


Publisher: Ancora Editrice Pages: 144 Price: €13,00 I read the essay by Saverio Xeres entitled “The Italian Church in the cultural passage over the last few decades” published in S. Xeres e G. Campanini, Manca il respiro. Un prete e un laico riflettono sulla Chiesa italiana (Out of Breath: a priest and a layman reflect on the Italian Church) Ancora, […]

You are Peter. Benedict VI against the dictatorship of relativism.


Publisher: Sugarco The various mass media crises that have thus far had such a resounding impact on the pontificate of Benedict XVI are, among other things, a crystal clear sign of the fact that also among journalists specialized in religious affairs and communication practically no one (rare are the exceptions) actually reads the documents promulgated by the Holy Father. The […]

Inter-religious Dialogue. Significance and value.


Publisher: Libreria Editrice Vaticana Pages: 62 Price: €6.00 This booklet by Cardinal Angelo Amato is most helpful in clarifying the sense, scope and method of inter-religious dialogue, about which there is a certain degree of confusion in the minds of the faithful. When arguments such as these are discussed, the core theme is the relationship between dialogue and announcement. When […]

Are we sure people today are still interested in being free? Habermas’ steps forward according to Massimo Borghesi.


Publisher: Armando Editore Pages: 176 Price: €17 Massimo Borghesi reconstructs the considerable “steps forward” made by Habermas with respect to human nature in the essay “The natural premises of being-able-to-be-oneself. The nature-liberty polarity of Jürgen Habermas” published in the series edited by Francesco Russo, Natura cultura libertà, Armando, Rome 2010 (pgs.  176, Euro 17.00). Especially in “The Future of Human […]

The Non-Confessionalist Before God. A Philosophical Response to Today’s Laicism.


Publisher: Rubbettino Pages: 162 Price: €12,00 When perhaps even superficially observing the current social and cultural debate in political circles and the mass media on the “rediscovered” public issue of God, one might be tempted to conclude that contemporary thinking is slowly becoming reconciled with at least part of the best Christian tradition from which, by the way, it historically […]

Cities of God, The Real Story of How Christianity Became an Urban Movement and Conquered Rome.


Publisher: Lindau Pages: 330 Price: €24 Even though well documented academic and specialized studies – nowadays easily accessible on the market – illustrating the contrary have substantially increased in number, the common vulgata that projects original Christianity as a pauperistic-revolutionary movement of the oppressed and reads its affirmation in history as the “poisoned fruit” of the merely political option of […]

Leo XIII in pill form.


Publisher: Editrice Fede e Cultura Price: €10 “Much has been said to the masses about what are defined as the rights of man; they should also be told about the rights of God”. This phrase is taken from the Magisterium of Leo XIII, as we read in the book of the historian Angela Pellicciari (“Leone XIII in pillole”- Editrice Fede&Cultura), […]