The Observatory's Activities
Cardinal Van Thuân on the Social Doctrine of the Church

The International Observatory Card. Van Thuân was created for the international promotion of the social doctrine of the Church.
Presented below are the Observatory’s current activities:

This is a portal in three languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

Accessible on it are documents, instruments, materials and instruments relative to the Church’s social doctrine. It responds to all the needs of those who harbor interest in the social Magisterium of the Catholic Church for any number of reasons.
This portal is updated on a daily basis. The list of those who receive the Newsletter includes thousands of people all over the world.

Quarterly review of the Observatory published in Italy, Latin America and Spain. For more information visit the dedicated area.


Published as part of this Series in Italian are studies and research on the Church’s social doctrine. For more information and the list of titles visit the dedicated area.


Each year the Observatory publishes a Report on the state of the Social Doctrine of the Church in the world. For more information visit the dedicated area.

Fontana Stefano

Editorial Board:
Silvio Brachetta
Don Samuele Cecotti
Omar Ebrahime
Donata Fontana
Flaminia Giovanelli
Chiara Mantovani
Andrea Mariotto
Giorgio Mion
Luca Pingani
Don Francesco Zucchelli
Fabio Trevisan

Crepaldi Mons. Giampaolo

Vice president:
Tessari Gianni

Battisti Gianfranco
Bianchi Antonio
Bossi Angelo
Costalli Carlo
Faccincani Giordano
Malnati Mons. Ettore
Nedoh Stefano
Pozza Mario
Salvadé Piero Emilio

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The Observatory Cardinal Van Thuân carries out its activities at the service of the Social Doctrine of the Church on the basis of free contributions from its supporters: individuals, companies, cooperatives, institutions.

Heartfelt thanks to all them and to you if you are among them, because with your precious assistance we are able to continue our activities. Whoever so feels and desires may credit the payment of a small amount to our bank account:

Unicredit Banca – Agenzia di Trieste Cavana
IBAN IT04X 02008 02210 00004 0096979

Issued will be a regular receipt for tax deduction purposes.

The Observatory is an Association of Social Promotion registered n°148 in the Regional Register of Associations of Social Promotion of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region pursuant to decree n° 810/ISTR/7VIP dd of 31 May 2012.